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Langley’s Gin

Langley’s – „Gin. As it should be.“ is a modern classic inspired by traditional distilling methods. With three great gins which combine juniper with a modern aroma profile, the brand from England inspires gin lovers around the world.

Langley's First Chapter Gin

Langley’s First Chapter Gin

A truly accessible gin using ten classic botanicals and inspired by the 1729 First Gin Act. A kick of juniper complements fresh lemon peel, white pepper and a light refreshing herbaceous body. Clean, crisp and smooth, this gin is perfect for any and every occasion.


This gin is best served over ice or in a gin and tonic with a slice of lemon and a smoked thyme sprig.


Langley's London Dry Gin

Langley’s London Dry Gin

The gin of choice for premium houses and mixology experts, and the flagship in the range, Langley’s London Dry Gin is created to strike the perfect balance of strength, smoothness and flavour.


Langley’s London Dry Gin is best consumed with ice, Indian Tonic, a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of basil.


Langley's Old Tom Gin

Langley’s Old Tom Gin

An exclusive modern-classic cocktail gin with a twist. It’s a classic, mildly sweeter gin style of Victorian London, intense with aromas of caramelised citrus peel and oaky spice, delicate berry and light floral qualities. The perfect sipping spirit for those seeking real depth of flavour and a long finish.


Langley’s Old Tom Gin is best served in a „Tom Collins“, together with fresh lemon juice, sugar and soda.