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„To create a gin like no other; one that is both intense and smooth, and one that people love to drink neat on ice“. Four friends with many years of knowledge of the industry dedicated themselves to this ambitious goal. They combined their in-depth knowledge of traditional gins, their extensive experience and their passion for special gin flavours. After a journey of discovery and learning, they actually succeeded in creating such an original taste experience with BROCKMANS Gin. This premium gin stands for first-class enjoyment and convinces with its novel, exceptionally fine taste.


The high quality of BROCKMANS gin is achieved through the harmonious ensemble of exquisite fruits and exquisite botanicals, which not only includes traditional gin components such as angelica, coriander and juniper berries. The use of blueberries from Northern Europe creates a dry, fruity smoothness with a wonderfully floral aroma. The blackberries from different parts of Northern Europe also create a pleasant aroma and round off the rich taste of BROCKMANS Gin. The unique flavour profile of BROCKMANS Gin thus arises particularly from the blueberries and blackberries it contains, which give the gin a fruity note.

BROCKMANS Gin from England is produced exclusively using 100% grain neutral alcohol in traditional copper stills. All herbal components are soaked in the neutral alcohol for 24 hours before distillation to allow their aromas to develop sufficiently.

This incomparable composition results in the special, intense and at the same time mild taste of this premium gin.

But not only the taste is completely new and daringly different. The packaging offers a new look for gin and convinces with a modern yet elegant design.

Brockmans Gin

Brockmans Gin

BROCKMANS Gin combines the unmistakable taste of blueberries and blackberries with classic juniper notes, which are deliberately kept in the background, as well as some citrus. Incredibly fruity and soft on the palate, this gin is particularly suitable for stylish enjoyment neat or over ice. With the unique BROCKMANS, all gin lovers and „kings of the night“ can expect an exclusive and berry-like taste experience that is also often enjoyed by people who „don’t really like gin“.


With BROCKMANS, all gin lovers and „kings of the night“ can expect an exclusive and unforgettable taste experience – whether enjoyed neat on ice or stylishly combined. Other recommended ways to enjoy BROCKMANS Gin are with tonic water, as a „G&G“ with ginger ale, as a martini with a fine dry vermouth, and as a Bramble with French blackberry liqueur or any gin cocktail of choice.

Brockmans Orange Kiss Gin

Brockmans Orange Kiss Gin

BROCKMANS Orange Kiss Gin is the combination of the original BROCKMANS Gin recipe, where the blueberries and blackberries are replaced by Valencia oranges and Triple Sec! The velvety smooth texture in true Brockmans style combined with bittersweet orange flavour with a subtle spiciness make it the perfect sundowner!


Serve BROCKMANS Orange Kiss Gin either neat, on ice, infused with premium tonic water or in a summery spritz with grapefruit juice, soda and prosecco!